For organizations

Work for organizations can be presented in the form of trainings, seminars and lectures on various topics. The number of trainings depends on the chosen topic and the client’s needs. The programs of all trainings and seminars are developed individually for each client, considering the specifics of the organization and relationships within the team. Trainings are mostly designed for practice, performance, receiving new experience and skills, although they include some theory. The lecture is conducted mainly as a monologue with a discussion, while the seminar also includes practice, active discussion and homework.


  • Building communication with a client
  • Building effective communication within the team
  • Psychological climate in the team: ways to improve
  • Personal growth and development points
  • The art of being a manager
  • Motivation: increasing efficiency
  • Prevention of stress
  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • PTSD – symptoms and self-help

Lectures and seminars

  • Conflicts: effective resolution strategies
  • Dialogue as a way of contacting. How to hear and be heard
  • Motivation and professional burnout: how to establish a balance?
  • Competition or cooperation? Skills of effective communication
  • Time management: planning skills
  • Colleague or friend? Where is the boundary?
  • What is self-support, and how to build it?
  • Manipulations, and how to recognize them?
  • Are feelings important at work?
  • I don’t want to do my job anymore, but I have to. Resistance trap