About me

Hello, my name is Olha Bilinska. I am a practicing psychologist, psychotherapist. I help people overcome difficulties related to relationships, emotional sphere, life crises, personal development and traumatic events.

In my work I use Gestalt and trauma-focused therapy. This approach enables the client and the therapist to build a partnership based on respect, trust, cooperation and openness. Such relationship provides a safe environment for dealing with traumatic experiences and difficult feelings. When reliving themtogether with a psychotherapist, you are no longer alone in your suffering. It may sound paradoxical but reliving the feelings with someone, rather than alone, empowers for change and new experience. Also, this process is accompanied by awareness of your needs, mechanisms of interaction with people and how you build this interaction in a way you do not get what you want or cause pain to yourself and others. Awareness of how it works in the present opens the opportunity to choose how it will be tomorrow, so you stop being a hostage to the situation or the usual way of life. Now you have a choice, and it gives the power to change something by doing differently. Choice returns you the responsibility for your life, making you free to live your way.

Psychotherapy is not just a job for me but also my biggest passion, so I never stop participating in various educational programs, learning other methods and approaches and being interested in new studies and directions. I know the effectiveness of psychotherapy from my own experience as I came to this profession after 7 years of personal therapy and 11 years of study. For the moment I do not stop working on myself both personally and professionally.